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Ceragem Hosting the Inauguration Ceremony for New CEO Lee Kyu-Cheol


“Practicing Fair Business Administration …Will Improve the Company’s Vision with the Desire to Reestablish Ceragem”


Ceragem, a professional healthcare company with newly-appointed Executive Vice President Lee Kyu-Cheol as the new CEO.

Since 2007, Ceragem’s New CEO Lee Kyu -Cheol (Doctor of Laws) has been responsible for managing Ceragem’s Chinese branch for ten years with excellent leadership in practicing theory and on-site management. His meticulousness and outstanding ability to communicate with workers will help the company overcome difficult business conditions and help Ceragem take the next step to be a global leader. He has recently been the director of the Future Strategies Division and has been engaged in implementing fair business practices and promoting a human resource program to increase talented workers.


Ceragem stated, “This appointment is a strategy to improve an organizational management capacity whose importance has increased in recent years and to strengthen professionalism in the area of human resource management. The company has aimed to identify a new leader that will help lead changes and establish the basis for sustainable growth.” Ceragem plans to continue to implement “performance-oriented personnel policies centered on implementation capability and professionalism.” 


CEO Lee Kyu-Cheol stated, “This year, Ceragem, under the policy of “practicing fair business”, will improve its vision through changes and innovation accompanied by growth and the desire to reinvent itself through stable business administration.” He emphasized, “Facing new standards and standard business administration practices following trends as well as the new era of the New Normal, Ceragem will secure the engine of new growth for a New Ceragem and strengthen its competitiveness through improvement of organizational efficiency.” He also emphasized the spirits of “Sanghadongyokjaseung” (上下同欲者勝) in the Art of War and stated that “he will help spread the belief through which unification of senior leaders and rank-and-file work of Ceragem is needed to advance the company toward a New Ceragem in the era of the New Normal.” 


Born in Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do in 1962, the new CEO first encountered the study of Chinese law, which began in Japan in 1955, when he was studying business law at the graduate school of Waseda University. He determined to be the best at knowing Chinese business law and, in October 1998, he received a scholarship from Fudan University in Shanghai to study Chinese economics. The following year, he met his mentor Cao Jianming, who would become the Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China, at East China University of Political Science and Law, and studied international economic law. He has served as the Director of the Korea-China Commerce Law Center at Shanghai Brilliance Law Firm, the International Advisor to Chungcheongbuk-do Province, a member of the International Cooperation Committee for Daejeon, an advisor in Northeast Asian laws for the Ministry of Government Legislation, and a member of the National Unification Advisory Council. He has also served as a visiting professor at Shanghai International Studies University and, over 15 years, he published 18 books regarding Chinese economic and commercial law, Chinese anti-dumping law practice, Chinese M&A practice, Chinese-Korean commercial law dictionary, Chinese company business management manual, and the challenges of Xi Jinping and China. Proficient in theory and practice, he is an expert on China as well as the business laws of Korea, China, and Japan. 


In Ceragem, he started with Ceragem’s Chinese branch and led the effort in acquiring a famous trademark of China (馳名商標) as the first foreign established company in 2011. Based on his expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and creating shared value (CSV), he proposed a model for new business opportunities in China and, for his achievements in Ceragem’s Chinese branch, he was promoted to the Executive Vice President of Ceragem. 


He is determined to transform Ceragem into an exciting company with the philosophy of a win-win for both customers and the company through fun business administration centered on innovation, growth, and stability and the desire to reinvent the company into a global company that will last for the next 100 years, building the foundation for a New Ceragem. Ceragem’s future looks brighter with its new CEO.


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