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15th Anniversary Event of Ceragem’s Chinese Branch


 On April 28, 2016, Ceragem celebrated the 15th anniversary of its branch in China at the Ceragem Tianjin Plant. The event was joined by over 500 participants including senior officials of Ceragem (Chairman Lee Hwan-seong, President Kim, Sang-sik, and Managing Director Lee, Kyu-Cheol), officials of Ceragem china Jin Nam-gu, members of the Chinese Company CSR Assessment Committee and senior officials of Tsinghua University.  




The ceremony took place with diverse events and celebratory performances, providing fun and excitement to participants. Included in the proceedings of the ceremony were awards for business officials with outstanding performances.




There was also a moving moment when teachers and students of the Hope Schools conveyed their appreciation to Ceragem. The Hope Schools have been built in educationally-disadvantaged areas by Ceragem. Six Hope Schools so far have provided many students with educational benefits.





Ceragem’s branch in China has made campaigns to create balanced local communities. It has worked hard to produce shared values for local communities with three core values, “joy, health, and happiness.”  




 During the anniversary ceremony, CEO Lee Hwan-seong stated: “Ceragem’s current success would not have been possible without support from our customers and efforts by our officials and employees. For that, I sincerely thank all of you.” He went on, “We will work hard to improve the value of Ceragem, well-loved in the global market including in over 70 countries.”


 Ceragem will make strong efforts to go beyond its past 15 years to be a company that will last 150 years.





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